Text rendering and layout

Paragraphs containing "standard" information are displayed in this style.

If some comment is needed to clarify an item or give some clue, it is rendered in this style. Pay special attention to these red-boxed paragraphs. They contain very important advice about common traps to avoid.

An important notice, with less serious consequences than the preceding red block, is written in this style.

It is sometime necessary to define terms or use words with unusual meaning. To draw your attention, the word or expression is rendered with a specific decoration.

If the defined symbol is related to LXR or digital data, its definition is exposed on a line by itself, as:


with an explanation of its components thereafter.

The shell commands are given as examples as:

$ echo "This is an LXR example" # a shell command This is an LXR example Note the style difference between computer output and user input.

Samples of file content (configuration, templates, …) are displayed like this:

# Comment in a file , 'key' => 'value'

Examples are framed like this paragraph.

Quality assurance

Valid HTML 5! This site is progressively converted to HTML 5 and its pages have been validated against W3C conformance tests. But, further evolution of writing style (extending HTML à la XML) prevents now this successful validation. However, thanks to CSS, any decent modern browser should correctly interpret the pages. The author claims these extensions are compatible with the ideas behind HTML 5 and nonetheless keeps the HTML 5 logo in the footer area.

Pages pertaining to deprecated releases have also been converted in order to keep only one style sheet.

Valid CSS 3! The styles examplified on this page are implemented through a CSS 3 style sheet which passed W3C validation (before being extended).

Help wanted

The LXR site worthiness can be improved through translation in various languages. Don't hesitate to contact the developers. They will provide you with the site source code and recommendations for localising into your own language.

Your work will also help improve the main line. My own text is not "crystal-clear". You'll need explanation on some obscure sentences. Your questions and my answers will result in a better rewording.