Starting with release 0.10, LXR adopts a consistent numbering scheme. Every release receives an identification number of the form

S is source index
S increments when the source undergoes a major change
F is feature index
F increments when a new feature is added
B is bug index
B increments when a bug is fixed

Numbers are reset when a previous one is incremented.

In order to be consistent, users are urged to change the identification number when they make local changes.

U is user index
U is available for any user purpose

Use script to customise LXR identification:

$ ./scripts/ --user 1.beta

It will result in 2.2.0-1.beta on 2.2.0 released version. The script makes the difference between "system" and "user" identification and manages correctly the user part. Submitting again

$ ./scripts/ --user

will give as expected, not