LXR is quite mature now and deserves a decent logo (and maybe also a decent name in lieu its acronym).

There have not been many attempts to create art for LXR. This page shows them.

Neither Malcolm nor I (ajlittoz) are graphic artists. Consequently, you are welcome to try and design a neat logo. Subscribe to the lxr-general mailing list and follow the discussion named LXR needs your help.

You need to subscribe to lxr-general. This is necessary to avoid spam flooding which would happen if it was opened to public traffic (as it happened in the past).

No answer since it was launched on April 1, 2009! I know, it was April Fool's day. But LXR really needs a logo.

And also what about a new name?
We could elaborate on the three historical letters. Here is a proposal eLiXiR. Comment on the mailing-list.