LXR operation is driven from 4 sources. Customisable configuration files are located in the templates/ directory. However, generic.conf is in the lib/LXR/Lang/ directory, next to the Generic.pm driver.

Remember the golden rule: always copy ANY template to custom.d/ directory (lxrconf.d/ in releases 0.11.x, LXR root directory in older releases) before editing it. Then update its location in lxr.conf.

Main configuration file lxr.conf

From release 1.0 on, template file templates/lxr.conf can no longer be used directly. It must first be processed by the configuration wizard to create a "real" master configuration file in directory custom.d/. If you want to play with the template file, read first the Developer's Manual.

HTML styles definition file lxr.css

Refer to the User's Manual for the definition and usage of the numerous styles. The file is organised to take advantage of cascading. Study carefully before making changes.

Templates for page composition html-x.html

Language definitions file generic.conf

Do not interfere with it unless you know what you are doing.