Releases LXR 0.9 and 0.10 are deprecated, information is kept here only for historical record.

These releases contain numerous bugs, some of which can be qualified "blocking". If you are considering installing a fresh LXR service, always prefer the latest release. You will experience a dramatic performance boost and installation is a lot easier.

Bug reports will not be accepted.

It is time to generate the index. This is a job for script genxref. genxref is driven by two arguments:

With the previous configuration, this gives:

$ ./genxref --url=http://localhost/lxr --version=v4

Depending on the size of your source, indexing may be very lengthy. If you intend to index the kernel tree, think of launching genxref for at least an overnight job (YMMV). Test before on a simple case if this is your first installation.

You can also ask genxref to index every version in your tree with argument --allversions as in:

$ ./genxref --url=http://localhost/lxr --allversions