Releases LXR 0.9 and 0.10 are deprecated, information is kept here only for historical record.

These releases contain numerous bugs, some of which can be qualified "blocking". If you are considering installing a fresh LXR service, always prefer the latest release. You will experience a dramatic performance boost and installation is a lot easier.

Bug reports will not be accepted.

The current version of LXR depends on the software tools enumerated below. Instructions are given for Linux, but similar steps can be inferred for Windows or other OSes.

In all cases, the preferred method of installation of these tools is a package download of your favourite distribution, so that you do not bother with compiling and configuring the tool, which may require expertise beyond the need of using LXR. If you really must compile and configure, refer to the appropriate documentation for installing each tool. There is usually a fairly automated procedure.

Unless otherwise stated, all material (source, text, pictures, …) are open source

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