This page covers installation instructions for LXR 1.0 and higher. For earlier releases, select the appropriate case from the home page.

Japanese speaking users can also read this commented installation report of LXR 2.0.2.

Content of some pages depends on LXR release version. To display adequate text, select your release:

To successfully install your copy of LXR, go through the following steps:

  1. Install the running environment

    Check and/or install all the required tools needed to run LXR

  2. Install LXR source

    Instructions to unpack and install the tarball downloaded from the site

  3. Configure LXR and database

    Create the master configuration file from a template and a database to store the cross-references.

    CAUTION! Directory containing user-customized data changed its name from lxrconf.d/ to custom.d/ between previous releases and release 1.0.
  4. Populate the database

    Load it with the data about your tree

  5. Configure your web server

Once you've got LXR working on this simple case, you might consider customising its operation for your personal taste. Read the following: