Use of LXR 0.11 is not recommended, unless you cannot upgrade your Perl interpretor to version 5.10 at least.

This release is frozen and still contains bugs which have been corrected in later releases. Only "compatibility" bugs will be accepted.

This page covers installation instructions for LXR 0.11. For 0.9.x and 0.10.x versions, see these instructions. For prior versions, consult the INSTALL document that ships with each release.

To successfully install your copy of LXR, go through the following steps:

  1. Install the running environment

    You check and/or install all the required tools needed to run LXR

  2. Install LXR source

    Instructions to unpack and install the tarball downloaded from the site

  3. Pre-configure your copy

    Apply initial customisation to the master configuration file

  4. Create a database for LXR

    This is the auxiliary DB where LXR stores the cross-references

  5. Configure LXR for your tree

    This covers only the easy case of a single tree

  6. Populate the database

    Load it with the data about your tree

  7. Configure your web server

Once you've got LXR working on this simple case, you might consider customising its operation for your personal taste. Read the following: